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The Full Story

Cooking in my family has always been at the center of a majority of my family time and fondest memories.  Even before going to culinary school, having a passion for food and how to make it taste amazing came with the time spent in the kitchen with my family matriarchs.

In November of 2017, my dad lost his battle with kidney failure. Before that, I watched him battle with the inability to have salt in his diet after being diagnosed with kidney failure. He tried seasoning after seasoning, the popular ones always offered, different ones found on shelves, and he could never find any that had enough flavor to replace the salt he was missing.

After losing my dad, I spent a few years being angry. And tunneled it into the only outlet that I had control of. Food. In this outlet, I created a salt free seasoning that started everything. All Purpose Seasoning.

Creating Flavor Imperium developed a journey to healing for me and a solution for others with the same problem with missing salt that my dad had. In my house God was the center of everything, so we make God the center of our business as well.

As a new company, we’re still growing, still developing, and we’re so excited to have you on this adventure with us. Lets see what we can create together!

See you in the kitchen!


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