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Psalm 34:8

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Have you ever noticed there’s a bible verse on every product for Flavor Imperium? If you have; or even more so, if you haven’t; its Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good” There was quite a bit of pushback from a lot of people around me when I made the decision to completely submerse Flavor Imperium into the world of Christian companies. Most of the push back was out of concern; from people who really want me to succeed. They were afraid I’d alienate potential customers eventually leading to my downfall. But I’m building Flavor imperium the only way I know how.. with God. For God. About God. On a firm foundation. Where the verse is found in the bible, is in a Psalm where David is calling for the congregation to worship with him for those who found God had been transformed by God. Israel was tasked with attracting the nations to God. In their faithfulness, God had promised abundant blessings, which eventually came to fruition, fueling their belief that God was with them. Once in church, I was listening to a sermon and the pastor had said, “I never want to get to heaven and sit by someone who asked, ‘you knew God and about him..but never shared him with me. Why?’ “ And why wouldn’t I share? Or tell you how much he’s done for me, or even more so give him all of the credit for me being able to create Flavor Imperium? I had the faith of a mustard seed and He’s helping me move the mountains that stand in the way of moving forward Flavor Imperium. Flavor Imperium is my way of telling the world about God and embracing as many people as I can. Here lately, there’s been more days spent in contemplation where to take Flavor Imperium. When picking the name; the original choices came to mind “Franny’s seasonings” and everything in line with that, but I didn’t want it to be about me, but I knew the main goal was to build an empire. (Yes, I do have a slight ego :P ) so.. Imperium in Latin means “empire, absolute control” and so I used the name to consistently speak it into existence. In the end, it's not my empire, it’s God’s. “For without God, man cannot, but without man, God will not” – Pastor Matt General Without God, there isn’t much I can do. But with God, there isn’t anything I can’t do. (Except Lick my elbow.. I’ll be praying about that one.) If you have any prayer requests or want to pray for others, make yourself an account here on and join the prayer group that is in the groups tab 😊

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