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New Blog Series Alert! Food In The Bible

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I once read somewhere that humans could survive on supplements for our nutrition but it’s the social aspect that comes with eating that makes food necessary in every day life. Food. Its something that has a constant presence, a main vein in culture, provides a connection with other people, can provide community. It comes as no surprise that it is also a continuous theme throughout the Bible as well.

Present day, we use food to celebrate, to mourn, to commune together. A few examples in my life would be after church, during football games when we’re with my in-laws, when I’m eating my emotions, or even when I’m bored to pass the time. After finishing my first two classes for my nutrition degree, deciding on a potentials masters subject, and just some general bible studying, I’ve decided to start on a series called Food In The Bible. The rest of the blog posts this month will go as planned, but starting with the first Sunday in September, I’ll be starting my Food In The Bible series. Please understand, I am not a preacher, I am just writing based on my own understanding and studies. I love to hear other’s opinions and knowledge as well. Anyways, so blog post wise, this is the introductory post of Food In The Bible. Originally, I was going to do a one general post about food in the Bible but as I started researching, there was no way that I could just do one post, especially once I started diving into different categories. I use a New King James Version of the Christian Bible, so your Bible might word things a little different, depending on your version.

I’ll be covering different sections. Grains, Meat, Dairy, Vegetables & Legumes, Fish, any miscellaneous things that I might find, miracle stories (think feed the multitude with two fish and five loaves of bread), there will be a multi part post about fruit, because of a Fruit of the Spirit post that I have no doubt will be long, and eventually spices, because.. duh. 😊 I also have a few other series that I’m planning, that come up in my research that I know will be a rabbit hole of research that I want to fall down through later, so if there’s also anything that you want me to look into, send it my way! Food is mentioned in the bible in so many aspects. In its symbolism, in its measurements and its use as currency and status. The website Knowing Jesus, states that food is referred to 1,207 times in the Bible. “Grain turns up 507 times, bread 466, drink 452. Then particulars, Flour, 78, honey 64, butter 11, cheese 5, and broth 4.” Things that I learn, I’ll be referencing where I found them as well. I hope you guys have a wonderful week! I’ll see you in the kitchen!

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