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Home; A Journey

“Take me back

to the place that feels like home,

to the people, I can depend on,

to the faith that’s in my bones.”

I don’t think we ever really get to know ourselves until we grow through changes, especially tough ones that we didn’t see coming.

When you think about “home” what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it a place? Person? Maybe even a time or a specific memory? Your heart just says “This is home and I never want to leave.”

This is where my story began. I grew up in Hartford City, went to college in Vincennes, and moved to Nashville, came back to Terre Haute, until I settled and put down roots in Indianapolis. But if you ask me where my story starts, it’s here. Olive Branch Church of the Nazarene.

My parents were married here, I was dedicated to the Lord here, I grew up and found my faith here. I was married here. My daddy’s funeral was here.

And a few years later, this church closed.

I didn’t process it well to begin with. I felt like I was losing my home, even if I still had the people around me that made it home. Sure, it’s just a building but there were so many memories and life stories that passed through.

God gave me Flavor Imperium to help build his church. To feed his people. To help them “taste and see that the Lord is good”.

While I apologize for the silence for the last few weeks.. I’ve had some healing to do to bring you guys the absolute best things that I can. I’m really excited for where I think God is leading me, my faith, and Flavor Imperium.

I’ll be seeing you guys in the kitchen soon


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