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Image by Stéphan Valentin

The Empire Monthly!

Welcome to everything Flavor Imperium for the next month!

October 2021 ~ Issue 4


Buy Four Get One Free is a permanent fixture on the website, all you have to do is use 5for20 promo code to redeem that. 

A new thing is that any orders will be shipped out on the Saturday following the order. I'm back in college again, so it keeps shipping times short. 

Fall Spice will be coming back closer to the end of October, Had some unforeseen circumstances, but it'll be coming, I Promise!

I will still be sending out an email for you guys to check out the newsletter, making it easier to reference back to if need be. 

I'm working on my own weightloss journey that you are more than welcome to watch and even participate if you'd like. I think I'll be adding a section to the website for you guys to be able to follow along. I'm still figuring out what else I'll be putting on for that. 

October 9th, I'll be at the Beef Boutique Barn Market. The location of it changed, its now going to be Located between St Rd 22 and Olynger Road. Directly across St Rd 22 from Arby's. This location does not yet have it's own address. Google Arby's Gas City, and you can't miss it! I'd love for you guys to come out and see me!

This will be my last in person show for 2021. I will be doing some online shows, but a majority of things will be online, because I want to work on a few projects for you guys. 

This year has been amazing and I cannot thank you guys enough for everything that you've supported me and Flavor Imperium through. God has blessed me so much with Flavor Imperium and the people I've met through it. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful month! As soon as Fall Spice has a 2021 Release Date, I'll make sure yall are updated! 

See you in the kitchen!


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